Amazing Tools For Generating Marketing Blogging Ideas

Writing content that will snatch away your reader’s attention can be tough. You definitely want content that will get them to read it, share it, and comment on it. If you go to social media, you’re going to be surprised that a huge percentage of successful blogs are due to this strategy. 

Planning to start a writing blog but don’t know where to start?

You’ve come to the right place because we’re going to share some amazing tools that will help you generate marketing blogging ideas that will reach thousands of people from around the globe.

Are you currently using a blogging tool? Let’s see below if it’s included on our list:

Tools To Getting Blog Ideas:

1. LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn is one of the most notable platforms to connect with professionals from different parts of the world. LinkedIn Pulse helps you pull content from the people in your LinkedIn network and channels that you follow. It is a great tool to generate new blog ideas.

On your homepage or feed section, you’ll see different posts from people. You can also get ideas from there, or you can check Facebook, Twitter, Google+ trending sections to help you get started. 

2. BuzzSumo

Buzzsumo will list the most popular blogs on the topic you searched for, rather than just giving you a list of title ideas. 

You’ll get a wealth of information on what content performs best. In the Buzzsumo search box, enter a URL or topic, and it’ll analyze the content with the most engagement on social media.

The tool can be used for free though it has a limited number of features. It’s still a must-have tool.

3. Quora

This website can help lead you to the types of questions real people are asking. Simply follow topics related to your niche, search for your keywords, or read content related to your blog’s focus. There are tons of questions  that you can answer in-depth with a blog post. You can even interact with other people to see what topics they’re curious about and see what can be valuable for blog ideas.

4. Portent Title Maker

This quite often gets compared to HubSpot and Buzzsumo. This topic generator is one of the best tools out there. It’s super easy to use, and you just have to enter a particular topic or subject into the Portent tool. Then you’ll get sample blog titles, along with a witty and helpful guide on why the title can be successful. 

After searching for a title, they offer even more resources to help you create a content strategy around your newly generated topic as you scroll down the page.

Not happy with the result from your search?

Just click the refresh symbol for new ideas, as it continuously comes up with new blog titles based on your subject.

5. Google Trends

Google trends ( is not specifically a tool to generate blog titles. It is mainly used to gauge interest and perform market research on a particular topic. However, it’ll help you gather market data from google trend topics, inspiring you to take your title in a fresh and creative direction. 

This tool is used primarily to gauge interest in topics, and to browse related queries and content. The related queries can help you see what your target reader is looking for. Google Trends can also help you garner insight into what’s popular and where in the world your readers are.

Having the correct data for your chosen topic can aid you in improving your content strategy to make a more significant impact on your readers. 

6. Ahrefs

Have you ever tried using ahrefs? If you haven’t, then you should start using this tool. 

Ahrefs is one of the popular tools for digital marketers and one of my absolute favorite tools for generating blog ideas. All of the data can be overwhelming, and it isn’t cheap, so you can always reach out to a Denver SEO consultant for assistance. You can check your competitor’s backlinks and anchors and see the organic keywords they’re ranking for on specific topics similar to yours. In the keyword explorer section, you can put keywords or topics that you’re aiming to target, and you’ll have tremendous results showing which topics, questions, and keywords are driving traffic value. 

There’s even a “Content Explorer” section in which you can search for a specific topic or keyword; it will give data of pages, titles, URLs, and websites associated with your search. 

Ahrefs will surely help you generate marketing blogging ideas. Just make sure to take your time to learn how to use the tool since it can be pretty confusing at first.


The internet is home to many tools that can help inspire you when coming up with new blog topics and when your creativity starts to subside. It can be draining to generate ideas but don’t be afraid to get a little help. 

What’s your favorite tool to use?